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The industrial conveyor. A simple and effective way of transporting material. It also represents a hazard for anybody working nearby. For example, in a waste paper processing plant, the conveyor leads directly to the shredder or baling press. Although sections of the conveyor can be covered, there has to be at least one access point where material is introduced into the system.

Naturally, safety measures can be included, like emergency stop buttons, pull cords and video monitors. But all of these devices depend on the person in danger being conscious and able to stop the conveyor, or rely on the intervention of other people.

Let's simulate a typical accident. The driver has to leave his vehicle to free a blockage. He slips and falls onto the conveyor. The man is unconscious and partially buried in material. No-one noticed the accident. He doesn't stand a chance - except that this man is protected by a Safetech Guardian system. Before he reaches the danger zone, Guardian shuts down the conveyor and sounds an alarm. The man is saved from serious injury or death.

Guardian protects workers who are unconscious or injured, working alone, concealed or trapped beneath material and people who deliberately ignore regulations. The system prevents accidents without human intervention. Like many good ideas, Guardian is based on a simple concept. It makes people distinguishable from material.

Anyone working near the hazardous area wears a Guardian detector belt. The detectors are light, comfortable and easy to wear, constructed to withstand harsh industrial environments and visually distinctive to help safety enforcement.

If someone wearing a detector belt enters the hazardous area, a signal is instantly sent to the Guardian Control System, which sounds an alarm and activates the emergency stop procedure. It can also send a signal to a remote control room or security post.

Essential failsafes are built in. For example, the machinery can't be started unless the Guardian system is in operation.

Guardian is suitable for protecting workers in a wide range of processes, including applications in refuse re-cycling, paper, board, plastic and metal handling, and many manufacturing and engineering functions.

Guardian is the newest product developed by Safetech for automatically protecting industrial workers. It uses the latest intelligent technology to give advanced performance even in difficult environments. The systems are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of current safety legislation. And a single Guardian installation has the potential to protect workers on several conveyors or other hazardous machinery, resulting in dramatic cost savings.

Our installations have always been rugged and reliable - the earliest Safetech systems are still going strong after over twenty-five years of successful operation. Guardian can cope with extremes of temperature and humidity, and high levels of background interference. We firmly believe that no other system available today offers comprehensive protection like Guardian.

In most countries around the world, health and safety regulations require that employers should do everything reasonably practicable to ensure the safety of their workers. It seems that a reliable automatic personnel protection system like Guardian is essential in any facility using the type of machinery found in recycling plants and helps demonstrate a commitment to the duty of care required law.

Let's sum up the main reasons that make Guardian the best choice in the world of accident prevention:
  • The system is versatile and adaptable
  • Operating costs are minimal
  • Staffing costs can be reduced as there's no need for a buddy system
  • There can be savings on insurance premiums
  • Safetech offer a complete installation and back-up service, using our own trained technicians
  • Guardian protects workers even if they're trapped or concealed, unconscious or injured
  • The flow of material on conveyors is uninhibited
  • Guardian achieves effective personnel detection in difficult environments
  • The systems are extremely reliable with comprehensive failsafe devices
  • The detector belts are visually distinctive with robust fastenings
  • Guardian's rugged construction is suitable for harsh industrial conditions
  • A single Guardian system can protect more than one conveyor, giving dramatic costs savings
  • Our systems are running successfully around the world, including Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand
If you want reliable automatic personnel protection, it has to be Guardian.
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