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Some accidents Safetech could have prevented

Male aged 25, married with two children
While fending material with a pole into a hogger, over balanced and fell onto the rotor, with fatal consequences.

Male aged 38, single
Slipped on material and fell into conveyor pit, striking his head. Unconscious, he was carried forward into the baling chamber, which caused his death.

Male aged 55, married with 3 children
Deliberately climbed a conveyor to clear blocked hopper on a horizontal baler. Fell with material into baling chamber. Baler had a top flap, which jammed on his leg just below the thigh, causing a severe fracture.

Male aged 33, married
Small horizontal baler with large sheet of KLS blocking hopper. He fell with material, the ram severed his left leg and then jammed.

What our customers have said

Neil Cook, Health & Safety Manager, O'Brien Waste Recycling Solutions
"Since having the Guardian systems installed onto our baler machines, we have found that levels of safety around their operation have increased. Despite having other safety measures in place, nothing compares to the added benefit offered by this system. The installation process was made easy through the approach and co-operation of the Safetech team and the training offered to our operatives was very easy to follow."

Chris Rynish, Quad/Graphics, United States
"We decided that automatic personnel protection was an important factor in safeguarding our workers and commissioned a Safetech Guardian system. The installation was done quickly and efficiently and we are very pleased with the way the equipment operates. We would have no hesitation in recommending Safetech to any organisation concerned with preventing injuries."

Victor Howe, Branch Manager for Transpacific Recycling, Wellington, New Zealand
"The Guardian installation was completed quickly and without disruption to the operation. Prior planning ensured a smooth delivery of the system with minimal fuss. The Safetech system is simple to operate, and we have had no incidences of false triggers."

Bill Johnson, engineer in charge at RCP Macpress
"Our companies have been working together for over two decades, and it has been a pleasure to see your business grow and our relationship strengthen. Over the years, Safetech has evolved into a high-calibre, customer-focused, professional supplier of personnel protection safety equipment. You have created a very client-friendly environment and support it with outstanding customer service. I appreciate Safetech as a supplier whom we can trust to deliver the service our clients expect."

Richard Turner of Middleton Engineering
"We’ve been using Safetech for many years and have included their systems on numerous installations. We tried an alternative product but we came back to Safetech as we felt they offered the system with the best performance. Their track record and the quality and reliability of their equipment are second to none. They give us an efficient and prompt service and their technicians are professional, skilled and friendly."

Jaroslaw Stanislawek, Engineering Manager, Bryson Recycling
"I would like to thank you for the professional work your company carried out during the replacement of the old Safetech unit with the new Safetech Guardian system. Firstly, I received all the relevant paperwork before the work commenced. Secondly, your engineers carried out the installation very professionally, adhering at all time to our site rules, as well as being very polite to our staff. The installation was completed fast with the agreed minimum disturbance to our operations. As in the past, I am very happy to cooperate with you and hope to do so again in the future."

Dan Hucker, Depot Facilities Manager, Arcus FM
"Thanks for getting your guys to site so quick. Your engineers were very helpful and a credit to your company."

Paper and board recycling facility
"We used to operate a buddy system, with people operating in pairs. Since installing Safetech, we have felt confident to allow lone working. This has cut costs and made us more efficient. We have also been able to negotiate a reduction in our employers’ liability premium. However, the over-riding benefit is the increased protection for our workers."

Manufacturer of conveyors and balers
"In today’s safety-conscious world, it’s more important than ever to be seen to do everything practical to prevent accidents in the workplace. It’s obvious that some sort of automatic personnel protection should be used on our conveyor/baler systems and, in this respect, we confidently recommend Safetech."

Retail recycling facility
"Although we have CCTV monitoring, emergency pull cords, and a no single person operating policy, we feel that the Safetech System provides a catch all situation, including protection for an unconscious accident victim. With this added security in mind, we have been able to remove the barriers surrounding the conveyor pit, which in turn increases our accessibility, and improves our operating efficiency. All systems are annually serviced by Safetech engineers, and have proved to be very reliable and trouble free. We have standardised on the Safetech System, and this will continue to be an integral part of all future baling plant purchases."

Recycling equipment supplier
"A recycling facility may undergo extremes of temperature and humidity, and have high levels of background electronic interference. As Safetech equipment has been operating effectively under these condition for many years, we feel that their experience has produced a superior product that we are able to endorse."

"We have had Safetech installed on all our conveyors for over fifteen years. We have been satisfied with the system, but recently, we were approached by a different supplier who wanted to demonstrate their safety product. After an thorough examination, we felt that the equipment was neither physically robust nor electronically sound to be used in the demanding conditions of a recycling facility. Consequently, we will be continuing to use Safetech as a tried and tested system."
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