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Details of the Guardian system

Unconscious worker Guardian Ultra is the latest improved version of the automatic personnel protection system developed and refined by Safetech.

It’s designed around state of the art intelligent technology, optimising performance to give powerful detection with more control, and offers unique protection against accidents involving industrial conveyors and access points leading to hazardous machinery.

The system is suitable for protecting a wide range of processes, including applications in refuse recycling, paper, board, plastic and metal handling, and many manufacturing and engineering functions.
Like previous Safetech systems, the concept is very simple - to make human beings distinguishable from material.

Anyone working near the hazardous area wears a Guardian detector belt.

These are light, comfortable and easy to wear, constructed to withstand harsh industrial environments and visually distinctive to help safety enforcement.

Unlike some inferior systems, detection is not impaired by body mass and material.
The Guardian detector belt
If someone wearing a detector belt enters the hazardous area, a signal is instantly sent to the Guardian Control System, which sounds an alarm and activates the emergency stop procedure.

It can also send a signal to a remote control room or security post.

Guardian can be configured in a variety of ways to match customers' requirements. One Guardian control unit can give protection for several conveyors. This facility can offer dramatic cost savings.

We provide a free site survey, after which we are able to recommend a system which is appropriate for your needs.


  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Allows reduced staffing costs
  • Minimizes insurance premiums
  • Complete installation and back-up service
  • Protects workers even if trapped or concealed
  • Protects workers even if unconscious or injured
  • Allows uninhibited flow of material on conveyors
  • Effective personnel detection in difficult environments
  • Extremely reliable with comprehensive failsafe devices
  • Visually distinctive detector belts with robust fastening
  • Rugged construction suitable for harsh industrial conditions
  • Meets and exceeds current legislation standards
  • Running successfully in sites around the world
  • Prevents injury and saves lives

The Guardian Ultra control panel
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